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JSoft Mail is a DNS email list manager, designed to handle your in-house mailing and subscription lists. Supporting as many mailing lists as you may want or need, each list can consist of 65,000 names and email addresses. Features a never-send list, so if someone asks to be removed they will never be sent an email through JSoft Mail again. When lists are imported to do a mailing, they are filtered against a duplicate and never-send list, giving you a clean mailing list so you don't waste your ISP's resources. Mail messages can be created within JSoft Mail and stored for future reference, making it ideal for those who send out periodical newsletters or information to their in-house subscription lists. Messages also support merge text so it's easy to send a personalized mailing with a minimum of fuss. Mail Central makes doing a mailing is as easy as one, two and click. Select your mailing list, select your message and click on start. Using it's own built in SMTP Relay Server allows JSoft Mail to send out 100 emails at a time (depending on your bandwidth). Watch the mailout statistics update in real time during the mailing. Simple to use, yet powerful, but the best part is that you can download it once and use it for a lifetime.

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